TNS’ professional services, project management and delivery teams have excelled in the coordinated implementation and their technical expertise in the payments industry is outstanding.

Stephen Tuffley, Head of Operations, Crazy John's

TNSPay is the Solution for Crazy John’s


Since its inception in 1991, Crazy John’s has been innovating in the mobile phone retailing business and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Currently, Crazy John’s is the largest independent phone retailer in Australia, with over 120 retail stores across the country.

Business Challenge
Crazy John’s was in search of an outsourced, recurring billing service that could provide a single interface for processing both credit card and direct debit payments, in order to significantly reduce the costs associated with managing multiple vendors for multiple payment channels and the ongoing PCI DSS compliance overhead.

Crazy John’s uses the TNSPay Gateway Solution to maintain the security of real-time credit card and debit card processing. In addition to processing payments, TNS’ PCI DSS certified solution stores all sensitive card data offsite for Crazy John’s. This allows Crazy John’s to minimise the risks and reduce the costs associated with handling and storing card payment information.

By using TNS’ advanced reporting capabilities Crazy John’s finance department has gained efficiencies in the reconciliation processes across all payment channels, which has resulted in significantly reduced administration overheads and streamlined processes.


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