TNS ePayment Gateway Solution for Euroscape

Secure ePayment Gateway

Using TNS’ ePayment Gateway allows us to accept payments securely in six of the major currencies, ideally positioning us to serve a substantial amount of consumers around the globe.

Iva Dalco, Managing Director, Euroscape


Euroscape, an online tour and accommodation wholesaler based in Melbourne, Australia provides rich, online services for individual travellers. Euroscape is in the process of expanding their company into the global marketplace by providing services for travellers worldwide.

Business Challenge

Euroscape’s customer base was limited as they could only accept and process online payments in Australian Dollars. Euroscape needed an easy to implement multi-currency conversion solution that would allow them to expand their addressable market without the hassle of making changes to their online portals and other back office systems.


Euroscape today uses TNS’ ePayment Gateway solution for MCC to accept online payments in the major foreign currencies while continuing to process transactions through their chosen local acquirer. In addition to Australian Dollars, Euroscape can now accept US, Singapore and New Zealand Dollars, British Pounds and Euros.

TNS’ ePayment Gateway for MCC and DCC is the preferred solution for global merchants looking for a simple way to extend their business outside of their native country without the need to set up a domestic merchant account in each target country.


Download the full case study.

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