The TNSPay Gateway solution will improve how we do business and make it easier for customers to use our online service.

Jamie Perry, General Manager, Distribution and Commercial Systems, Jetstar

Jetstar Pacific Soars High with TNS


Jetstar Pacific is Vietnam’s first low cost carrier and second largest airline. It plans to extend its network with more domestic and international flights into South East Asia, and by 2014 it aims to cover most countries in Asia with a fleet of 30 Airbus aircraft. Jetstar Pacific’s mission is to keep costs to a minimum in order to deliver the lowest fares possible to passengers; utilise its aircraft effectively and efficiently; offer a great service and product; constantly improve operational procedures and commit to the highest safety standards for every flight.

Business Challenge
Jetstar wanted to strengthen its eCommerce service by processing online payments, giving customers the ability to purchase cost effective, value based flights via its website.

TNS’ secure and reliable TNSPay Gateway solution provides Jetstar Pacific with a unified payments interface through individual banking relationships in Vietnam as well as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. As part of the solution, TNS also helped establish services between Jetstar Pacific and a regional bank in Vietnam. This supports Jetstar Pacific’s expansion as one of the leading low cost carriers in the Asia Pacific region.


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