TNS was approached for assistance because of the company’s solid reputation, flexible solutions and reliable payment capabilities. Thanks to TNS, we were able to confidently transport payments to the acquiring bank host during a challenging time.

Anne Ferris, CIO at ReD

Successful migration for Retail Decisions to TNS' solution


Retail Decisions (ReD) is a payment card issuer and world leader in card fraud prevention and payment processing. Based in the UK, the company has offices in Australia, the United States and South Africa, with representation in China, India, Japan and South America. ReD has been helping Australian businesses for more than 25 years with its leading multi-branded fuel cards, Motorpass and Motorcharge.

Business Challenge

ReD’s (Motorpass/Motorcharge) transactions had previously been processed via Telstra’s X.25 AUSTPAC legacy network system. When Telstra scheduled the decommissioning of AUSTPAC, ReD needed a reliable payments solution to prevent any potential impact on its Australian transactions.

Utilising the TNS Dial Managed Connectivity Service, ReD was able to migrate its traffic off the AUSTPAC network without disrupting any merchants. TNS ensured ReD’s customer transactions continued seamlessly and its solutions gave ReD the ability to extend the life of its legacy batch-mode traffic. As part of its customised services, TNS also helped ReD enable real-time payment transactions. Real-time processing facilitates a richer merchant offering by allowing authorisations to be processed quicker and more efficiently as opposed to scheduled interim periods. TNS support continued until ReD’s own real-time tools were launched.


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