The TNSPay Gateway ideally suits our needs as a growing business, giving us the flexibility to handle more and more merchant profiles as our business expands.

Tony Irvine, COO, StrataPay

TNSPay is the Solution for StrataPay


Formed in 2000, StrataPay provides 1000’s of small business merchants with multiple payment options, helping them to simplify the accounts receivable process and improve cash flow.

StrataPay has expanded to cover more than 35 industries across Australia and is helping streamline collection and payment services for almost 6,000 registered billers, by offering eight common payments channels for customers to settle levy notices.

Business Challenge
As StrataPay’s business grew, it became apparent they needed a card-not-present payment solution for securely accepting credit and debit card payments, designed to encourage business growth and expand along with them.

The primary goal was to find a flexible platform that would accommodate StrataPay’s dynamic marketplace, enabling them to process payments safely and securely while at the same time allowing them to capitalise on industry-specific opportunities quickly.


StrataPay is using the TNSPay Solution for web and interactive voice response systems (IVR) to process credit and debit card payments made by its clients’ customers online and over the phone.

Provisioning a new business merchant couldn’t be simpler. Once the appropriate information is passed to TNS via electronic workflow, a same day on-boarding service level guarantees merchants can begin processing live transactions within hours.


Download the full case study in PDF format.

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