Payment Card Acceptance and Data Security Solution for Tabcorp

Our investment with TNS and its integration with
Salmat will reduce our customer service team’s
manual activities, improve our approach to protecting sensitive data, and provide a consistent methodology on how we manage payment information collected online and by phone.

Tabcorp’s General Manager of National Distribution, Adam Rytenskild

Background & Business Challenge

Australia’s premier wagering, gaming and keno operator, Tabcorp, wanted to add key card data security functionality to its membership and account registration systems.


TNS is providing Tabcorp with TNSPay Stored Card Tokenization, a payments technology that securely exchanges the cardholder information of Tabcorp account holders with tokenized data for use within Tabcorp systems, keeping the actual card details stored remotely in TNS’ encrypted database. This approach helps ensure that sensitive cardholder information submitted online by Tabcorp customers is stored and protected from mismanagement and potential fraud.

TNS partnered with Tabcorp’s IVR solution partner, Salmat, to give Tabcorp customers the added convenience of securely registering their membership details via a phone keypad. Once this information is entered on the phone, it is stored, and protected through TNS’ stored card tokenization solution. Since Tabcorp does not need to store sensitive card information in its own systems to support business operations such as recurring payments and customer support, they can minimise costs associated with additional infrastructure investments and PCI DSS compliance.


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