We have to be sure that there is a system in place which is capable of handling heavy volumes of transactions in a short amount of time. The driving factor is to ensure we have guaranteed end to end reliability. We are delighted with the high level of service which has been displayed and we are confident that TNS can meet our demands.

Paul Farmer, Head of IT, at Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club Improves Payment Services with TNS

Arsenal is an English football club based in North London which was founded in 1886. The highly successful club plays in the Premier League and has approximately 27 million supporters worldwide.

Business Challenge
Arsenal wanted to strengthen its payments capabilities and reduce transaction processing times at all point of sale terminals, enabling customers to benefit from shorter queues. Another challenge was to improve its payment capabilities and ensure transactions were secure, fast and reliable.


The football club is using TNS’ managed connectivity services to process payment transactions for the hospitality division of the business. The deal saw TNS provide secure, reliable and cost effective solutions that will enable the processing of transactions for tickets, refreshments and merchandise.

TNS’ Managed Connectivity Solutions provide Arsenal Football Club with secure, fully managed, resilient connectivity. All transactions are routed through TNS’ backbone network which has PCI DSS global certification for payment transmission and as such provides a robust solution for transmitting payments to acquirers and processors. TNS’ proprietary network also provides end to end visibility of all transactions and allows Arsenal’s connectivity to be monitored 24x7x365 to ensure maximum uptime and availability.

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