Caixanova can also rely on the security and performance of TNS’ global PCI DSS certified backbone network and 24x7x365 helpdesk services with live real-time support.

Caixanova Improves Payment Capabilities with TNS


Caixanova’s history spans nearly 130 years and the bank is now one of the leading financial institutions in Spain. Along with Banco Gallego, it constitutes the main financial platform in Galicia and in recent years it has moved from being predominantly a regional entity to having more than 580 branches throughout the country and 13 offices outside Spain.

Business Challenge

Spanish Savings Bank Caixanova was in search of a service provider that could strengthen and improve its payments capabilities for network connectivity and monitoring services.


The organisation will use TNS’ services for connectivity to process payment transactions for over 14,000 point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Caixanova will also utilise the TNSOnline solution to monitor POS terminal and transaction activity, check the status of trouble tickets and view network alerts or messages if network conditions change.

The TNSOnline solution is a web-based network management portal which allows Caixanova to monitor network devices, view transaction activity in near real time, and provide problem management status.

Download the full case study.

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