TNS worked with us to create a fully integrated, complete, in-house system to process payments; which allows us to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for payments.

Jim Moffat, Sales Manager, Catalyst

TNS Finds the Right Solution for Catalyst


Formed in 1989, Catalyst is one of the leading providers of dealer management systems to motorcycle dealerships in the UK. The company is a software house that provides computer hardware, software and peripherals to the motorcycle, caravan and automobile markets.

Business Challenge

Before Chip and PIN technology was available, Catalyst’s customers had to manually key in amounts of purchases via a PDQ – whereas the amount is now automatically populated. The organisation was in need of a system that would work with its existing systems to create a seamless integrated solution for card payments without the requirement for manually entered information.


Catalyst integrates the TNSPay solution with its dealer management systems to complete payments for customer present (Chip and PIN) and card-not-present transactions. The solution provides a secure, fully integrated and reliable method of authorising and settling credit and debit card payments through a secure IP based network.

The TNSPay solution utilises a PCI DSS certified transaction processing environment providing a best in class product combined with the required level of security.

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