Our principal aim with Civica ICON was to modernise and update local authorities’ payment collection capabilities in line with other major utility providers. Local authorities were running the risk that their e-aware citizens would frequently settle other utility bills first because they could pay easily through advanced online payment methods.

To build a fully operational and complete online payments system, it was essential that we worked with reliable and robust technology. Our partnership with TNS has allowed us to meet our objectives and TNSPay offers our Civica ICON customers a robust, managed service which helps them reduce and simplify their scope for PCI DSS.

TNSPay and Civica Icon -The Perfect Partnership


Civica is an international market leader in specialist IT systems and business process services working principally within the public sector. Civica applies software applications, managed services and specialist outsourcing to help its public sector customers improve service delivery and achieve a greater return on resources and investment. The Civica Group works with more than 2,000 organisations across local government, education, social housing, health care, enforcement and other regulated markets including pensions and legal administration.

Business Challenge
With the introduction of eGovernment Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) compliance, local authorities were under pressure to modernise and streamline their income collection options for citizens. Authorities were instructed to replace departmental and paper-based solutions with a single corporate electronic solution that enabled accurate, secure and fast credit and debit card processing. Civica was well positioned to provide the necessary IT services for the modernisation, but required a partner that could provide and maintain a PCI DSS certified payment service, in order to form a fully integrated multi-channel income processing system.

As one of the most trusted names in the payments industry, TNS was well placed to partner with Civica to deploy a single, corporate solution capable of delivering much-needed customised electronic payments processing solutions for local authorities. The resulting solution, Civica ICON, is a fully integrated cash receipting, income management and e-payments system that manages all payments from multiple sources. The solution combines Civica’s sector knowledge and IT expertise with TNS’ secure technologies, reducing the scope and cost of Civica’s PCI compliance requirements across multiple sales channels through the use of the TNSPay multi-channel Payment Gateway. TNS maintains an adaptable approach to meet Civica’s needs and sets strict standards for the handling of card based payments within the Civica ICON e-payments engine. The success of the partnership is based on the engine’s ability to provide efficient and cost effective cashless processing. Using TNSPay, Civica ICON is able to support card payments at pay counters, on the Web, by telephone, through Automated Telephony Platforms or even at self-serve payment kiosks.

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