Cybertill prides itself on working with cutting edge companies. TNS is not only a trusted name in the payments industry, but is also perceptive of the constant complexities faced by retailers. We both recognise the need to continue adapting solutions and technology to meet customer requirements.

We wanted to continue offering our customers the benefits of working with a cloud-based model, such as reduced costs, increased storage and a flexible system, and TNSPay was the ideal strategic  service-based model to complete our proposition. Our collaboration with TNS has given our customers peace of mind and more time to focus on innovation. In the fastpaced environment we operate in, it’s a perfect partnership that allows us to approach our customers with effective and customisable solutions.

Ian Tomlinson, CEO at Cybertill

TNSPay and Cybertill Demonstrate Best Practise Through Partner Programme


Cybertill was formed in 2001 in response to retailers’ growing need for a powerful, flexible EPoS system that delivers a speedy return on investment. It was the UK’s first EPoS system to be delivered over the internet using a cloud based solution and offers a completely scalable, function-rich product that seamlessly integrates point of sale, eCommerce and mail order operations. It is used in over 4,000 sites by more than 600 customers, from big name high street retailers and brand names, through to small chains, speciality stores and charities.

Business Challenge
Cybertill attracted interest from larger retailers that wanted to make use of the consistent and connected experience cloud computing offers. In order to meet growing demand, Cybertill needed to partner with a service-based payments provider that could readily integrate with its unique business model. It was critical that Cybertill selected a reliable and structured partner that could adapt and endure the competitive conditions faced by service providers in the retail sector. To assist with these objectives, Cybertill turned to TNS, a leading provider of payment gateway services, and has been working with the company continuously ever since.


Cybertill’s cloud-based model necessitates that TNS provides a payments solution that is able to keep pace with the fluctuating business demands of the internet, as well as reducing payments complexity. TNSPay is a managed multi-channel payment gateway that meets this criteria, allowing merchants to reliably authorise and settle card transactions, while reducing their compliancy requirements. TNSPay provides Cybertill with a cost-effective payment gateway that is scalable, easily adaptable, secure and robust. Since the partnership began, the TNSPay product suite has been deployed into a large number of Cybertill retail sites.

TNSPay’s customised design allows the gateway to reflect each retailer’s own website, products and solutions which is increasingly important in this sector. The solution supports EMV Chip and PIN, web/ecommerce retailers, MOTO (mail/telephone order), Kiosk and IVR, ensuring the full payments spectrum is met.

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