We chose TNS because the company has been a trusted supplier in the Spanish payment market for many years.

Carlos Moradell, Managing Director at RSI

TNS Provides Resilient and Secure GPRS Solutions to RSI


Founded in 1986, Rural Servicios Informaticos (RSI) provides IT and automatic payment processing services for over 70 rural savings banks in Spain, as well as banking partners across the country.

Business Challenge
The organisation was looking for a high quality GPRS payment solution that could improve and strengthen wireless connectivity for its 78,000 Point of Sale (POS) terminals throughout Spain. It needed a company that could also facilitate the migration of the existing POS terminal SIM estate to the new service, in a cost effective manner.


TNS is providing RSI with resilient, secure connectivity to the TNS network, over the three main Spanish GPRS carriers. The solution will enable all types of payment transactions to be routed to RSI's payment host, via TNS’ private PCI DSS certified global backbone network.

The benefits associated with the TNS service have enabled RSI to offset much of the traditional cost of migrating a SIM estate from one supplier to another. TNS’ GPRS solutions can also be used to support data to a wide variety of applications including ATMs, alarms, inventory control, order entry and other transaction-oriented applications.

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