TNS has strong working relationships with many banks and is a proven and trusted partner. When combined with its reputation as a leading provider of transaction solutions, it made our decision very easy to work with TNS to manage our business critical data.

Jeremy Fiddler, IT Director, Ryman Stationery

TNS Provides the Write Solution for Ryman Stationery


Ryman Stationery was established in London in 1893 and is a specialist commercial stationery retailer. Focused on the office, home and consumer stationery markets, Ryman Stationery has 240 shops across the UK, selling a range of over 4000 stationery items. In 1995 Ryman Stationery was acquired by Chancerealm, and in 1998 they entered the e-commerce market with a new online division.

Business Challenge
Ryman Stationery needed secure, fast and reliable connectivity for online authorisations from their in-store Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals to their chosen acquirers. The new solution also needed to be approved by the banks and be flexible so that Ryman could move or add acquirers, at limited cost, as and when required.

Ryman selected TNSConnect to meet their payment connectivity requirements. All transactions are routed through TNS’ private PCI DSS certified backbone network, allowing Ryman to benefit from a fast and reliable service for all point of sale terminals. TNS’ proprietary resilient network provides end to end visibility and monitoring all the way through to the bank or processor, ensuring maximum uptime and availability and a faster, more reliable payments experience at the point of sale.

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