TNS has an outstanding reputation for its services, especially in the payments sector, and we wanted to work with a partner who could provide the best security for our transactions. The company offers network resilience and 24/7 support, providing peace of mind.

Scott Kerr, Head of IT, SCOTMID

TNS Helps SCOTMID Reduce Costs with its Broadband Solution


SCOTMID Co-operative Society can date its roots back to 1859. Today the Society has over 250 retail outlets in the shape of community based food stores branded SCOTMID and its toiletry chain Semi Chem. SCOTMID is one of Scotland's biggest employers with over 4,200 staff and is now established as one of the country's leading businesses.
Business Challenge
SCOTMID used ISDN lines to process and authorise card transactions, which was expensive and time consuming. It wanted to use ADSL broadband connectivity to process store card transactions and reduce customer waiting times at the point of sale.

SCOTMID switched to TNS’ fully-managed ADSL broadband connectivity solution to promote data security through TNS’ private IP network. In addition to processing store card transactions and transferring payment files for settlement it enables SCOTMID’s head office to update store-based applications efficiently from a central location. Using a secure private network connection, TNS processes data between SCOTMID’s head office in Edinburgh and its 260 locations across the UK.

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