We chose TNS for its reputation as a recognised supplier to the payment solutions in France, as well as the worldwide recognition it has gained from customers, its partners and of course its expertise with PCI DSS.

Annick Bodin, President of the Board of Directors at STIME

STIME Signs with TNS to Ensure Continued X.25 Network Services

STIME was founded in 1974 and provides services in France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Bosnia and Romania. It is responsible for the point-of-sale terminals and IT infrastructure of 7 major brands within its group, including Intermarché, Netto and Bricomarché.

Business Challenge
STIME uses the X.25 protocol across its 2,780 Intermarché grocery stores throughout France, transporting point-of-sale and ATM transactions between the retailer and its acquirers. The national X.25 network is due to be shutdown and STIME wanted to continue using the technology for their stores.


The agreement with TNS enables STIME to continue to use the X.25 protocol across its grocery stores throughout France, and the continuation of STIME’s ability to provide a consistent, high quality and future proof service for shoppers, despite the forthcoming shutdown. TNS’ X.25 offering will provide STIME and its members with a secure, efficient and reliable service. TNS recognises the continued importance of X.25 technology worldwide and will remain a major provider of these services in France.

TNS’ X.25 service is monitored 24x7x365 and is part of a wide range of payments solutions offered by TNS, which also includes an extensive range of IP-based products, such as TNSConnect, the TNSPay payment gateway, and the TNS Secure SSL gateway.

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