Our clients and customers rely on our technology being able to cope under pressure at a time when it is crucial for them to be able to make a purchase and secure tickets to attend their favourite event.

We were confident in TNS’ capabilities in this market and are delighted with the results.

Chris Edmonds, Managing Director, Ticketmaster UK

TNS is Just the Ticket for Ticketmaster


Ticketmaster, a Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ:TKTM) company, is one of the world’s leading live entertainment marketing companies. In 2008, the Company sold more than 141 million tickets valued at over $8.9 billion on behalf of its clients.

Business Challenge

Ticketmaster’s goal was to reduce the time it took to process its ticket transactions. Reducing this time would improve customers’ overall experience, while decreasing Ticketmaster’s overall costs. Ticketmaster was using X.25 connectivity for its payments, but wanted to move to a fully resilient IP-based service to accomplish its objectives. Ultra-high availability was crucial, particularly during peak traffic times when popular tickets went on sale.

The desire to move to IP also coincided with Ticketmaster’s acquisition of a Spanish ticketing company, giving rise to the additional requirement for payment connectivity to Spanish acquirers.


Using TNS’ solutions, Ticketmaster has successfully moved over to IP-based payments services. Multiple diverse connections are maintained between the TNS PCI DSS certified global backbone network and Ticketmaster’s London and Amsterdam sites, ensuring a resilient solution for transmitting payments to global acquirers and processors. Dedicated equipment allows Ticketmaster to load balance its traffic on key dates when it expects large volumes of sales. Services have also been deployed in the US, providing a test environment distinct from the live service.

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