The TNS and VeriFone VeriShield Protect strategy gave us the freedom to reallocate our capital spending for a next-generation POS platform versus a compliance-orientated and expensive upgrade, which was a positive for BevMo!

Dan Carter, Chief Financial Officer, BevMo!

BevMo! Goes Secure with End-to-End Encryption from TNS, Powered By VeriFone’s VeriShield Protect


Beverages & More! (BevMo!) was founded in 1994 and opened six stores in the San Francisco Bay Area during that year. Since then, BevMo! has become one of the leading alcoholic beverage-lifestyle speciality retailers in the western United States and among the largest in the country, with over 100 stores throughout California and Arizona.

Business Challenge

BevMo! was facing a July 1st 2010 deadline for its payment systems to be Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS) and PCI PED compliant. Also, the BevMo! payment network and the 500+ point-of-sale devices that it supports were fully within PCI DSS scope, so the team faced a daunting set of tasks to ensure that they would be able to pass their annual PCI review process.

After assessing all of the options, BevMo! concluded that a solution that would enable it to completely remove payment card data from its storage, processing and payment systems environment was the most effective approach to card security, and the most efficient path to meeting its compliance requirements.


BevMo! found its answer via a partnership between TNS and VeriFone. The TNS Managed POS Encryption service was selected to assist BevMo! in quickly implementing VeriFone’s VeriShield Protect encryption solution. TNS manages the transmission of the encrypted cardholder data, the decryption of the data, and the delivery of the payment transaction to BevMo!’s payment processor. This combined solution removed cardholder data from BevMo!’s store systems, dramatically improving card data security and greatly assisting its PCI compliance efforts.


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