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Our customers

Appalachian Wireless

Appalachian Wireless has provided wireless telecommunication services since 1995. Appalachian Wireless is implementing fourteen of TNS’ roaming, network and database solutions. Read more...


American Roaming Network (ARN) is the largest un-registered roaming service in the US. ARN has used TNS for standard call validation and fraud control services since 2006, and now also uses TNS’ wireless screening services to determine if a telephone number is a landline or mobile telephone number. Read the case study.

Broadview Networks

Broadview Networks is a network based business communications service provider, delivering local and long distance voice communications, premises-based and patented hosted VoIP systems, traditional telephone hardware, high-speed Internet services and a full suite of managed services. Broadview Networks, which already uses TNS’ SS7, 800 Toll Free, and CLASS services, turned to TNS and chose to use TNS’ CNAM. Read the case study...


Cavalier is a leading, full-service provider of reliable and efficient telecommunications solutions for business, consumer, and government customers. TNS will exclusively provide Cavalier with Intelligent Network services, including Local Number Portability, and SS7 connectivity services. Read the case study.

Cellular One

Cellular One of East Central Illinois is an independent wireless communications provider. Since 2009, TNS has delivered a range of wireless SS7 services to Cellular One, including A-Links, Number Portability Services, ISUP Trunk Signaling, TCAP CLASS Services, GSM MAP Transport and Settlement and Exchange Services for GSM. Read case study.

Custom Teleconnect

Custom TeleConnect (CTI) is a facilities-based interexchange (IXC) 214 Common Carrier. Custom Teleconnect uses a full suite of fraud and validation services from TNS. Read the case study.

D&E Communications

D&E Communications is a telecommunications provider for the Pennsylvanian telephony market. D&E Communications uses TNS' SS7 network to help with their extensive growth strategy. Read the case study.

FairPoint Communications

FairPoint Communications provides telecommunications services to more than 119 rural communities throughout 17 states. FairPoint needed to partner with a telecommunications provider with unmatched Signaling System 7 (SS7) capabilities, and one that could provide top-tier services. Read the case study.

Knology, Inc.

To support its vision and aggressive growth strategy, Knology needed a partner with unmatched Signaling System 7 (SS7) capabilities and a platform that would enable the provisioning of customer-centric value added services. The company turned to TNS as an industry leader with a proven track record in telecommunications, Internet security, and e-commerce. Read the case study.


mBlox is the world’s largest mobile transaction network, specializing in providing operator connectivity for mobile messaging delivery and mobile payment services to businesses around the world. mBlox is using TNS’ Carrier ENUM Services, a multiparty IP registry system, which is designed to provide accurate numbering information. Read case study.


NCIC Inmate Telephone Services, Inc. is a privately-held retail and wholesale provider of inmate phone systems. NCIC’s Operator Service Company (OSC) operates a network of correctional calling platforms across the United States and a customer service call center in Texas. The organization uses a full suite of fraud and validation services from TNS, including TNS' billed number screening, fraud control, ID Plus (name and address look up) and credit card authorization and settlement services. Read the case study.

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative is the fourth largest rural telephone cooperative in the United States. Pioneer uses TNS' Calling Name Delivery and Calling Name Storage solutions. Read the case study.


TeleSpan Communications is a wholesale telecommunications service provider for business enterprise customers, wireless and wireline carriers. Telespan uses TNS’ Local Number Portability (LNP) via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) solution to identify accurate routing of calls, to create routing efficiencies, and ultimately resulting in enhanced service delivery to customers with reduced operating costs for TeleSpan. Read the case study.


Telespree Communications, based in San Francisco, California, is a leading provider of on-device self-service solutions for wireless carriers. Telespree uses TNS’ suite of SS7 signaling, hosting and ANSI-41 messaging services to connect its Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers to the TNS network. Read the case study.

XO Communications

XO Communications is one of the US’ largest communications service providers and is focused exclusively on businesses, government, carrier and wholesale service organizations. TNS will manage the STP architecture, connectivity and signaling layer for XO Communications. Read more...

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