Since going live with TNS’ CNAM service, there has been a noticeable reduction in the number of calls into our customer care center as we have improved the quality of our caller ID service.

John Carr, Senior Vice President of Broadview Networks

Broadview Networks Sees Dramatic Improvement In Calling Name Accuracy

Background and Business Challenge

Broadview Networks is a network based business communications service provider, delivering local and long distance voice communications, premises-based and patented hosted VoIP systems, traditional telephone hardware, high-speed Internet services and a full suite of managed services. When it was time to renew its service agreement for a Calling Name Service (CNAM) supplier Broadview Networks wanted to help its customers log calls more effectively.

Broadview Networks, which already uses TNS’ SS7, 800 Toll Free, and CLASS services, turned to TNS and chose to use TNS’ CNAM. Delivering a highly accurate caller ID service has enabled Broadview to improve the communications services it supplies to the corporate and small business market. As a direct result of switching to TNS’ CNAM service, fewer calls are being routed into Broadview’s customer care call centers because of unavailable or incorrect CNAM responses, allowing the company to deliver an overall improved service experience to its customers.


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