TNS has the network, the scale, and service portfolio to accommodate our growing business.

Jim Vermeulen, EVP, Operations, Cavalier

Cavalier Awards New, Expanded SS7 Services Agreement to TNS


Headquartered out of Virginia, USA, Cavalier is a leading, full-service provider of reliable and efficient telecommunications solutions for business, consumer, and government customers. Using its owned and operated fiber optic network, the company serves hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the eastern United States.

Business Challenge
Cavalier were in search of a reliable and reputable telecommunications company that would provide a full suite of SS7 network and database services, to power its communication products.

TNS will exclusively provide Cavalier with Intelligent Network services, including Local Number Portability, and SS7 connectivity services.

TNS operates the largest, independent SS7 network in North America, providing similar services to over 700 telecommunications companies around the world. In addition, TNS has provided high-quality database services since 1995, including network-based Calling Name services (CNAM) using only data sourced directly from carriers, the definitive source for accuracy.

Download the extended case study in PDF format.

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