Our business is based on reliability and excellent service, and that’s exactly what we get from TNS. Our networks need to be operational 100 percent of the time, and TNS has provided that level of reliability.

Greg Strunk, VP of Network Operations, D&E Communications

D&E Communicates with TNS


D&E Communications was founded in 1911 specifically to address the Pennsylvanian telephony market. Now D&E Communications is both an incumbent carrier, serving more than 175,000 access lines, and a competitive carrier, providing long-distance service throughout the state, as well as Internet access and telecom equipment sales.

Business Challenge
To support this rapid growth, D&E Communications needed to partner with a telecommunications provider with unmatched Signaling System 7 (SS7) capabilities, and one that could provide top-tier services.

For these reasons, D&E Communications chose to partner with TNS. In addition to providing industry-proven infrastructure, TNS runs the largest private SS7 network in the world, and provides telecommunications carriers with a full spectrum of solutions in order to enable full-featured, secure, reliable communications.

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