Because TNS is so well connected, we don’t have to maintain relationships with other 800 database providers, which is much more efficient for us.

Bob Ingram, SVP, Operations and Engineering, FairPoint Communications

FairPoint Communicates with TNS


FairPoint Communications was founded in 1991 specifically to address the needs of those who live outside of America’s metropolitan centers. Today, FairPoint Communications provides telecommunications services to more than 119 rural communities throughout 17 states.

Business Challenge
To support this rapid expansion, FairPoint needed to partner with a telecommunications provider with unmatched Signaling System 7 (SS7) capabilities, and one that could provide top-tier services.

For these reasons, FairPoint Communications partnered with TNS. In addition to providing industry-proven infrastructure and security services for the Internet, TNS runs the largest private SS7 network in the world and provides telecommunications carriers with a full spectrum of solutions in order to enable full-featured, secure, reliable communications.

TNS operates Intelligent Communications, Commerce, and Content services that enable carriers to rapidly provision new revenue-generating services while mitigating today’s cost, complexity, and security challenges.

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