Attractive pricing is important, but TNS had the ability to successfully launch new customer services and demonstrated a proven track record of performance and reliability, which is critical to the sustained growth of our operations.

Felix Boccucci, VP, Knology

Knology Inc Given the Right Signal with TNS


When Knology was founded in 1994, broadband access was still considered an emerging technology. A high-growth company with an eye on the future, Knology was quick to perceive the consumer benefit of providing bundled high speed Internet, cable TV, and telephone service. The Knology value platform offers best-of-breed, value-priced, comprehensive communication services with a single point of contact and a single bill.

Business Challenge
To support its vision and aggressive growth strategy, Knology needed a partner with unmatched Signaling System 7 (SS7) capabilities and a platform that would enable the provisioning of customer-centric value added services.

The company turned to TNS as an industry leader with a proven track record in telecommunications, Internet security, and e-commerce. Knology leveraged the TNS NP SOA service, which provides carriers with a single, secure Web interface with which to connect with all applicable Number Portability Administration Centers (NPACs). This solution dramatically simplifies order-entry and provisioning tasks, as carriers can avoid the time consuming process of maintaining individual connections with each NPAC.

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