The authoritative carrier data and other TNS registry data together increase the success rate of transactions and improve business reliability for our clients and their consumers.

Bryan Johnson, SVP, Global Sales and Marketing, mBlox

TNS’ Carrier ENUM Services Delivers Enriched Data to mBlox



mBlox is the world’s largest mobile transaction network, specializing in providing operator connectivity for mobile messaging delivery and mobile payment services to businesses around the world. The organization acts as the intermediary between businesses and mobile operators, simplifying the commercial and technical complexities to reach over 180 countries through nearly 700 mobile operators. With headquarters in California, and 9 other regional offices in Europe and Asia Pac, mBlox delivers messaging services to a global marketplace.

Business Challenge

Carriers and enterprises rely on mBlox to facilitate their transactions and ensure delivery of a high quality mobile consumer experience. Accurate subscriber data is paramount to the success of mobile content and service delivery. This is a mission critical function that requires advanced technology, providing high availability with low latency to ensure the fastest throughput possible.


mBlox is using TNS’ Carrier ENUM Services, a multiparty IP registry system, which is designed to provide accurate numbering information. The registry is populated with information sourced from global industry and regulatory number management systems, along with data sourced directly from carriers and resellers. TNS’ registry provides mBlox with an enriched data source, and it gives the opportunity to interact with partners on a common administration system, where changes are immediately passed onto connected networks.


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