The TNS team gave us the confidence they could deliver at a high level of service, making them a natural choice for us.

Bill Pope, President of NCIC

NCIC Chooses TNS for Fraud and Validation Services


NCIC Inmate Telephone Services, Inc. is a privately-held retail and wholesale provider of inmate phone systems. NCIC’s Operator Service Company (OSC) operates a network of correctional calling platforms across the United States and a customer service call center in Texas. In addition, the company provides collect call and prepaid inmate telecommunication services for the prison, jail and CLEC industries.

Founded in 1995, NCIC handles over 3 million inbound calls per month, making it one of the largest privately-owned telephone service companies in the United States.

Business Challenge
NCIC was in search of a company that could provide a one-stop-shop for fraud and validation services. It needed a reliable and reputable provider that would help it manage and support the telecom solutions it provides to inmate facilities throughout North America.


The organization uses a full suite of fraud and validation services from TNS, including TNS' billed number screening, fraud control, ID Plus (name and address look up) and credit card authorization and settlement services.

TNS' billed number screening provides information on whether a phone number being called will accept collect or 3rd party billing. Fraud control services identify potential credit card fraud before allowing charges to be charged. TNS’ credit card authorization and settlement services allow NCIC to authorize and bill inmate phone calls via credit card billing.

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