Not only does TNS provide a superior service in terms of quality, consistency, and coverage, it does so at an affordable price.

Mike Sanders, Pioneer Telephone

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative with TNS

Across all of its offerings, Pioneer aims to deliver quality services that lead to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the company was relying on a CNAM solution that failed to meet those standards. While service center calls – and the associated costs – were on the rise, customer satisfaction with Calling Name was on the decline.

TNS operates one of the largest independent calling name databases in North America. While Caller ID Delivery enables service providers to offer Caller ID with name, Calling Name Storage allows their subscribers’ Calling Name information to be delivered nationwide. Interconnection agreements with all major calling name databases ensure consistent, nationwide coverage of calling name data.


  • Gained ability to consistently deliver accurate Calling Name information to wireline and digital TV subscribers
  • Significant savings over previous service provider
  • Virtually eliminated Calling Name-related complaints
  • Freed employees to work on strategic projects, resulting in higher employee productivity and satisfaction

Download the extended case study in PDF format.

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