When trading begins on our platform, our clients will be equipped with secure, low latency connectivity to the destinations they require.

Olof Neiglick, CEO Burgundy

Burgundy Selects TNS as Connectivity Provider for Launch


Burgundy is owned by a consortium of leading Nordic banks and securities trading firms, who together represent almost half of the Nordic trading volume. Expecting a Q2 2009 launch, Burgundy’s aim is to strengthen the Nordic region as a financial hub by providing a client-focused and high-performance platform, offering cost-efficient and reliable securities trading services.

Business Challenge
Nordic Multi-lateral trading facility, Burgundy wanted to provide essential connectivity services to its clients by supporting the flow of orders and market data between MTF and its trading participants.

Burgundy selected Transaction Network Services to provide connectivity via its fully managed Secure Trading Network.

In addition to providing Burgundy with fast, secure and reliable connectivity, the deal will also make Burgundy available to the 1,800+ end points connected to TNS’ financial community of interest. This includes buy and sell side institutions, trading application providers, stock exchanges, ECN’s and alternative trading systems across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific Region.

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