Connecting to TNS’ Secure Trading Network has already provided FNN Connectivity users with FIX order flow connectivity and direct market access to international based exchanges and multi-lateral trading facilities, establishing new end points to TNS’ financial community
of interest.

Roar Dahl, Chief Information Officer at FNN Connectivity

FNN Connectivity Make First Connection with TNS


FNN Connectivity is an Oslo based financial network, owned by Verdipapirsentralen ASA, the Norwegian CSD and The Norwegian Securities Dealers Association, as well as a number of other members. The FNN Network offers its users access to a variety of Nordic based services.

Business Challenge

FNN Connectivity was in search of a global company that could provide added value to its domestic network of members. It needed a way to deliver fast, secure and reliable fully managed electronic trading which would expand its global reach to organizations outside its borders.


FNN Connectivity members can now access the Transaction Network Services (TNS) Secure Trading Network to provide fully-managed, low latency international trading and market data connectivity.

For FNN Connectivity members, linking to TNS’ extensive network has enabled them to quickly establish connectivity to new and existing customers, making it easier for organizations to do business on a global basis. TNS’ extensive client community incorporates over 1,800+ financial community end-points, representing buy-and-sell-side institutions, market data and software vendors, exchanges and alternative venues.

TNS has over 125 points of presence and provides services to customers in countries across North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, with its reach extending to many more.

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