Previously, we used internet based services for our trading connectivity. Thanks to TNS, we now have the connectivity in place to provide clients
with DMA and algorithmic trading capabilities, allowing the international financial community to extend their reach into India.

Rohit Shah, Director at JM Financial Institutional Securities Pvt. Ltd.

JM Financial Connects with TNS


JM Financial is an integrated financial services group providing a range of financial products and services for equities trading with their Asia-based customers. Based in Mumbai, JM Financial has a well diversified client base, including retail investors, corporate clients, financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

Business Challenge

JM Financial wanted to focus on its international growth objectives and attract greater attention from global buy side organizations. The company wanted to enhance its service offering and provide Direct Market Access (DMA) and algorithmic trading capabilities to financial market participants worldwide, helping them access the buoyant Indian market.


TNS’ Secure Trading Network gives JM Financial dedicated and secure connectivity to the financial community. Market participants can accept and execute trade orders via DMA to multiple trading venues throughout India, enabling JM Financial to extend its global reach and strengthen its appeal to the buy side community.

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