By connecting to TNS’ Secure Trading Network, we are now able to extend our market data feeds to clients worldwide.

Kang Shin, Head of the Global Business Department, KOSCOM

KOSCOM Selects TNS for Global Market Distribution


KOSCOM was established in 1977 by the Ministry of Finance and the Korea Stock Exchange to computerize the securities markets and related industries systems. Since its foundation, KOSCOM, as a professional Financial IT solution firm, has led the development of the Korea securities and futures market through providing IT infrastructure.


KOSCOM was in need of a connectivity provider which could offer low latency, secure, highly reliable and cost effective connectivity services to support its international growth objectives and help reach the goal of developing its market data business globally.


By connecting to TNS’ fully managed Secure Trading Network, KOSCOM will be able to quickly establish connectivity to new and existing customers. Organisations that are already part of TNS’ extensive financial community can be connected to KOSCOM in as little as three working days.

Download the full case study in PDF.

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