NSE is a leader in the Indian financial markets and we are delighted to be working with such an important venue as the first approved connectivity provider.

TNS already provides a range of fully-managed, secure and resilient connectivity solutions to global stock exchanges around the world.

John Owens, TNS’ Vice President of Exchanges & ECNs, said:

TNS Becomes First Global Connectivity Provider to Support Connections to NSE Co-Lo Facility

Background and Business Challenge

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) was looking for a service provider to enable connectivity to NSE’s co-location facility for international direct market access (DMA) clients, allowing direct access to the world’s fourth largest stock exchange. The National Stock Exchange of India is the world’s fourth largest stock exchange in terms of the volume of trading in the cash market and the fifth largest in derivatives globally. NSE’s daily average volumes are almost $2.5million in the cash market and nearly $27 million in derivative trading.


TNS is the first global network provider to work with NSE and will connect its customers to its onsite co-location facility via TNS’ Secure Trading Network. Connecting once to the STE provides NSE customers with connectivity, which will support highvolume trading.

In today’s fragmented market, accommodating high frequency trading (HFT) is imperative. TNS’ low latency solution provides NSE clients the opportunity to trade at the best prices via direct connectivity through to NSE’s efficient co-location infrastructure.

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