TNS is an important service provider for existing and prospective customers and allows us to offer our services to each very quickly and cost effectively.

Richard Carleton, VP Corporate Development, Pure Trading

Pure Trading Enhances Offering with Connection to TNS


Fully launched in January 2008, Pure Trading is the second marketplace facility offered by Canadian Trading and Quotation System Inc (CNQ); the company launched a recognized stock exchange for the listing and trading of junior capital companies in 2003. CNQ enables the trading community to use the emerging technologies to their full advantage, while delivering cost savings and enhancing the competitiveness of the Canadian equity markets.

Business Challenge

Pure Trading wanted to facilitate high capacity, low latency and cost effective connections with new and existing customers, in order to strengthen its position as a key provider of trading services for Canadian equity securities to the investment community.

Pure Trading appointed Transaction Network Services to provide connectivity via its fully managed Secure Trading Network.

In addition to providing Pure Trading with fast, secure and reliable connectivity, the link to TNS will allow access to TNS’ extensive financial community of interest. TNS’ network incorporates over 1,800+ end-points, representing buy and sell-side institutions, market data and software vendors, exchanges and alternative trading venues around the world.


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