TNS is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading FIX-enabled networks for electronic trading.

Mike Hastings, VP, Technology Infrastructure, Tora

Tora Enhances Connectivity with TNS


Founded in 2004, Tora is the recognized leader in electronic trading systems and access to liquidity for Asia. The TORA Compass trading platform is the most comprehensive multi-broker electronic trading platform focused on Asia with 75 Asian brokers, 24 markets, 14 countries, and over 150 algorithmic trading strategies to trade equities, stock futures and options, index futures and options, warrants, convertible bonds, swaps and other synthetics, all on one platform.

Business Challenge
Tora wanted to enhance its TORA Compass™ trading platform and the connections to its clients and brokers in Asia, Europe and US with high capacity, fast, secure and reliable FIX-enabled trading connectivity.


Tora has appointed Transaction Network Services (TNS) to provide fully-managed, low latency trading connectivity for brokers and clients via TNS’ Secure Trading Network.

Tora has established a significant number of broker connections to TNS’ network service, accounting for 50% of the organisation’s total network. TNS has also provided several customised connectivity packages to meet the specific requirements of key Tora clients. The Tora-TNS business relationship allows financial organisations already connected to the TNS network to establish links with TORA Compass.

TNS’ Secure Trading Network connects over 1,800+ financial community end-points, representing buy and sell-side institutions, market data and software vendors, exchanges and alternative trading venues. It boasts over 125 points of presence and provides services to customers in countries across the Asia Pacific region, America and Europe, with its reach extending to many more countries.

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