The TNS Secure Trading Network provides a secure and reliable connection which offers benefits to all of our members.

Adam Maciejewski, Member of the Board, WSE

Warsaw Stock Exchange Delivers Greater Flexibility with TNS


The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) was founded in 1991 and it has been engaged in electronic trading since it began. The WSE has developed significantly and is well established in the European market. In 2008 the FTSE recognised the stock exchange as an Advanced Emerging exchange.

Business Challenge
The WSE wanted to attract remote members outside of the Polish borders therefore they deployed a FIX front end to their electronic trading platform message gateway. Furthermore they had to enable highly secure, fast and reliable connectivity which could be achieved cost efficiently, while leveraging an established FIX based trading community.

The WSE chose TNS’ Secure Trading Network to achieve counterpart connectivity which delivers lower communications costs, faster message delivery and reduced operational risk, through fault tolerant and secure infrastructure.

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