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Financial Community

TNS has specifically designed a market-focused solution that is tailored to the unique requirements of the global finance industry. TNS' financial community includes buy-side and sell-side institutions, market data and software vendors, exchanges and alternative trading venues.

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Including institutional investment, alternative asset managers, hedge funds


  • Access to the brokerage community
  • Access to ISV and market data providers
  • Access to hosted trading platforms
  • On-net global reach to multi-asset liquidity sources
  • Elect sponsored or self-pay installations
  • Secure, reliable network
  • Easy installation and fully managed
  • OMS agnostic


Including investment banks, brokers, proprietary traders, high frequency traders


  • Access to a wide financial community  - 1800 endpoints globally
  • Access to hedge funds and a large buy-side community
  • Accessing  various hosted trading platforms and hub networks
  • Connectivity to multi-asset classes including equities, FX and derivatives
  • Order services based on bandwidth or IP connections
  • On-line IP level statistics
  • Access to multi-asset liquidity sources
  • Market data from Exchanges, ECNs and providers
  • Cross-desk functionality: access pre to post trade venues
  • Fast 1-3 day connections to trading partners
  • Low latency network
  • Full range of client connectivity options

Trading Venues

Including stock exchanges, ATS, ECN, MTF, multi-asset classes


  • Access to multiple institutional trading services order flow
  • Low latency global network reach
  • Highly resilient with diverse network access routes
  • Supports new and legacy IP application messaging
  • Supports direct access connectivity models
  • Expert engineers supporting exchange market data transport
  • One-call support access

FX/Derivatives and Other Asset Classes

  • Access to a wide financial community including key brokers, products and venues
  • Streaming of pricing
  • On-net connections in 3 days
  • Supported by our Bandwidth Based Services (BBS) which provides clients with committed bandwidth which has customized bursting capabilities. This is ideal for fast moving and sometimes unpredictable volumes of trade.

Market Data and Trading Application Vendors

  • Access to multi-asset trading venues - Equity, FX, Futures, Options, Fixed-Income
  • ATS Vendors – easy access TNS’ globally diverse institutional clients
  • Institutions:  - TNS offers access to the world’s major ATS services
                           - Third party routing services
                           - Buy-side and sell-side routing services
  • Fast access to liquidity sources
  • Large global reach to electronic ATS and similar services
  • Application independent

Strategic Co-Location Service Providers

  • Access to a broad financial community – 1700 endpoints globally
  • Rapid on-net connections in as little as three days 
  • Cost effective location for connecting to TNS’ extranet 
  • Shorter installation interval when establishing connectivity to TNS Secure Trading Extranet
  • Minimize latency by sitting closest to the TNS core network, enabling quick access to our global community 
  • Combine strategic low latency connection within co-lo center with broad community access

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