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TNS Global Connectivity

TNS connects a large and growing financial community across the world to the leading stock exchanges, buy and sell-side institutions, brokers and alternative trading venues.

  • TNS provides services to customers in over 60 countries
  • 125 points of presence globally
  • Connects over 1800+ financial institutions worldwide
  • We have regional offices around the world in countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, UK, USA and Spain
  • TNS' community of interest includes many of the world's top stock exchanges and buy-side and sell-side institutions
  • IP based trading partner connectivity with LVC, which does not commit specific bandwidth
  • Customized/dedicated sizing where a committed amount of bandwidth is determined with one of our many different Bandwidth Based Service (BBS) options

Financial Markets Case Studies

Read about how our customers are benefiting from TNS' Financial Market solutions:

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