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Acquirers, Processors, Financial Institutions & ISOs

Hundreds of Acquirers, Processors, ISO’s, and Financial Institutions around the globe depend on TNS and its broad portfolio of payment solutions.  Using the TNS Secure Payments Network, TNS securely and reliably delivers billions of their payment transactions each year.  TNS also provides these partners with feature rich payment gateway services, security solutions, and flexible connectivity solutions to meet the needs of their merchant customers.

Click on the links below to find the products suitable for your business:

Secure Payment Delivery Services


  • TNS Dial - Payment transaction delivery solution for POS terminals, ATMs, and kiosks that use dial connectivity
  • TNSConnect - Using private IP, X.25 or VPN connectivity, TNSConnect is a simple and cost effective solution that securely and reliably delivers a high volume of payment transactions
  • TNSLink - PCI-compliant managed communications service for ATMs, POS terminals, and Kiosks that enables secure, high-speed transaction transport
  • TNS Secure SSL Gateway - A highly secure, PCI DSS compliant payment delivery solution for IP-based transactions designed with multiple countermeasures against cyber-attacks and threats
  • TNS FusionPoint Lite - Uses the latest technology to convert dial-only legacy POS and ATM equipment to IP capable units that can utilize TNS’ high-speed IP transaction delivery network
  • TNS FusionPoint Express - Enables you to leverage in-store broadband connection to carry POS and ATM transactions from serial payment devices
  • TNS FusionPoint - A managed communications solution that enables you to run multiple payment applications, i.e. POS terminals, ATMs, and integrated cash registers over a single secure broadband connection

Secure Managed Payment Solutions


  • TNSPay Gateway - A highly secure and resilient managed payment gateway service, enabling merchants to authorize and settle card present and card not present transactions, combat fraud, and more effectively manage their overall payments environment  
  • TNSPay Mobile Gateway - A turnkey outsourced wireless payment gateway solution for PSPs and ISOs that simplifies the process of deploying and managing wireless POS terminals
  • TNS Managed P2PE Encryption - In partnership with VeriFone® and Semtek®, TNS provides merchants and processors with a fully managed end-to-end POS encryption solution, allowing the decryption of payment traffic to occur outside of the merchant’s payment environment
  • TNS ATM Processing and Connectivity - Value-added processing solutions and ATM connectivity services for all major equipment types and card schemes via its CHIP/EMV compliant processing environment
  • TNS Message Conversion - A service that transparently converts message formats within the TNS network, eliminating the need to make changes on host systems for the acceptance of new payment message types



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