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Since the mid-1990’s TNS has been a leading provider of roaming, clearing and settlement, signaling, interoperability and information validation solutions to the telecommunications industry. Today we continue to lead the industry by delivering innovative solutions that enable our customers to increase their competitive edge and improve their bottom line.

TNS offers simple, service-oriented solutions to complex problems. Because we understand our customers and their industries we can ensure that our solutions will fit your specific environment and can be integrated seamlessly and cost-effectively within your business processes.

A single connection to TNS provides connectivity to carriers around the globe and access to a suite of advanced signaling & transport, intelligent database and next generation services. Whether launching new subscriber services, upgrading infrastructure, or migrating to IP, TNS delivers mission-critical services in a managed services model that helps minimize complexity, reduce risk and speed time to market.

Unsurpassed in global reach, our worldwide network is proactively managed and monitored 24 hours a day, every day of the year by TNS network professionals.

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