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Intelligent Database Solutions

TNS provides reliable, secure, and accessible database and storage services for wireline, wireless and broadband operators. Our database services help operators offer enhanced services without building additional infrastructure or increasing administrative workload.

The TNS independent Calling Name Database is the largest in the U.S. with reciprocal agreements in place with Regional Bell Operating Centers (RBOCs) and most major independent databases in North America.

  • Calling Name Services - CNAM Delivery, Storage and Transport Services to ensure that caller name information is consistently and accurately presented to subscribers.
  • Line Information Database (LIDB) enables carriers to store and manage their subscriber line information in a secure database other carriers can access to determine how to handle collect, international, and other calls.
  • Number Portability Services deliver essential network and database capabilities so providers can quickly, easily, and accurately port numbers, route calls to ported numbers, and process orders when subscribers change service providers.
  • Number Localization Service allows potential subscribers to quickly determine if they are within a wireline operator’s serving area by simply entering their 10 digit telephone number into a web-based interface.
  • Toll-Free Database Service allows you to tap into the large toll-free market and deliver top quality service to your subscribers.
  • Carrier ENUM Services are informational services that grant your company access to information critical to the accurate routing and billing of inter-carrier communications, such as voice and mobile data services.
  • e-Identity Solutions marry carrier-sourced subscriber data with advanced routing services that reduce network interconnection cost and complexity.

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