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Carrier ENUM Services

Reduce routing complexity and modernize peering arrangements with IP access to a centralized registry

TNS Carrier ENUM Services are informational services that grant your company access to information critical to the accurate routing and billing of inter-carrier communications, such as voice and mobile data services. We make available an up-to-date, portability-corrected image of the entire public dial plan as well as authoritative information sourced directly from the service provider having the right-to-use the telephone number.

For a multitude of reasons communications service providers may find Carrier ENUM necessary. Our two registry solutions are designed to serve varying degrees of complexity.

  • Number Identity Registry is a massive repository of global telephone numbers and carrier-of-record information that identifies which service provider a telephone number was allocated to for end-user assignment. In response to lookups the registry returns Service Provider Identifier (SPID), and when available, the Location Routing Number (LRN) of ported and pooled numbers.
  • Network Routing Directory is a multi-party shared registration system that furnishes service providers with sophisticated data-sharing capabilities featuring safeguard controls designed to uphold data-sharing policies. Using our secure portal service providers self-administer data and selectively grant access, in whole or part, to trading partners (and vice versa).

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