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TNS serves a wide range of customers from the retail, financial, banking and telecommunication industries. Below is a selection of these valued customers and partners.

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Telecom Services Division Customers


Financial Services Division Customers


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TransFirst considers TNS a true partner based on the level of service they provide us and our customers.

Brooke Sacrider, Corporate Director, TransFirst



The Latam markets significantly benefit from low latency solutions and our collaboration with TNS allows us to bring that service to market.

Teddy Lardos, CEO, Raptor Trading Systems

We chose TNS due to a number of factors, including its excellent reputation, its secure payments network, and its ongoing ability to support Westfield.

Michelle Vanzella, Business Development Director, Westfield

We have been a customer of TNS for several years and we are continually impressed by the level and quality of service that TNS offers at such a fair price.

Milton Volz, President, ARN

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