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Global Presence

A global team supporting global services over a global network

TNS' global network infrastructure and established international business presence meets the speed and network diversity needs of today's most demanding organizations. With network management capabilities and operations in strategic locations around the world, no other provider can match TNS for global reach and expertise.

Using the latest technologies, TNS has invested in building sophisticated monitoring and management tools, supporting highly experienced, dedicated operations and customer service teams around the globe. This ensures that our customers enjoy all the advantages of a highly available, reliable and secure platform. Beyond providing our customers real-time information on the performance of their communication services, our team works continually and closely with customers to evolve their networks as they scale their business, moving into new countries and continents.

Our corporate offices and network operating centers in the USA, UK and Australia are connected to points-of-presence in countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Thailand and Singapore. Additional reach through our extensive relationships with tier one carriers and service providers on every continent, makes it possible for TNS to deliver voice and data services, including secure, real-time transaction processing, practically anywhere on the globe.


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