Management Team

Henry Graham

Henry Graham is TNS’ Vice Chairman and is responsible for strategic business development. Henry helps guide investment and tactical decisions to ensure TNS’ long-term growth, including identifying acquisitions, as well as laying the foundations for the company’s growth plans around the world.

Mike Keegan

Mike Keegan is TNS’ Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for setting the global direction for the company and for making strategic decisions to ensure sustainable growth. In his role, he oversees the network, operations, sales, development and product groups which deliver solutions to thousands of financial organizations, telecommunications providers and retailers in over 60 countries.

Mike’s broad remit also includes responsibility for the administrative functions at TNS, including finance, legal, HR and compliance.

Alex Walker

Alex Walker is Executive Vice President and Managing Director of TNS’ Financial Services Division. He leads a global team dedicated to growing TNS’ financial community of interest with access to new market segments and alternative trading venues. Alex works closely with his senior team to set the strategy for the division, including how best to support the latest new instruments and asset classes.

Dennis Randolph

Dennis Randolph is TNS’ Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, and oversees TNS' financial operational centers around the world. He is responsible for ensuring financial compliance in the countries TNS operates in and setting the organization’s financial strategy, including long-term investments, internal control processes and budgeting. He also supports larger structured contracts.

Jim McLaughlin

Jim McLaughlin is TNS’ General Counsel and Secretary. He oversees a team providing legal advice to TNS globally in areas such as contracts, employment, regulatory, intellectual property and acquisitions.

His role also includes leadership of TNS' HR functions, including coordination of recruiting, benefits, performance management, training and employment policies and procedures.

Mark Cole

As Chief Network Officer, Mark Cole leads a global team responsible for the network and services provided to TNS' customers around the world. His group ensures the design, planning, implementation, maintenance and customer service for TNS' global payments, financial and telecommunications networks.

Lisa Shipley

Lisa Shipley is the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of TNS’ Payment Network Solutions business. In her role, Lisa oversees a global team which provides services to customers across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Lisa has responsibility for sales, product, development and operations, as well as designing and executing the company’s Payment Network Solutions strategy.

Joe Lueckenhoff

Joe Lueckenhoff is Executive Vice President and General Manager of TNS' Telecommunication Services Division. In his role, Joe is responsible for ensuring TNS' Telecommunication Services Division delivers on its targets, including capitalizing on the market conversion to 4G LTE in the mobile sector, helping the industry monetize big data, and facilitating the conversion to a complete IP infrastructure.

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