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TNS' Financial Services Division provides solutions to businesses that are engaged in securities trading. We provide services to brokerage firms, proprietary traders, investment managers (institutional and alternative), stock exchanges, ECN’s and alternative trading systems as well as a host of application services providers and software vendors who provide essential services to the trading community.

We provide network services, managed co-location and hosting and order routing services. These services are designed to be highly reliable and therefore, eliminate operational risk. They are provided by highly trained and knowledgeable market professionals which removes the need for in house specialized technical resources. TNS helps firms to reach markets rapidly by turning up community connections within days. From a single managed source,  we enable you to connect with multiple trading counterparties, trading venues and service providers helping you to reduce costs and minimize vendor management. 

TNS’ highly secure and robust network connects more than 2,000 financial community endpoints from 125 points of presence in more than 60 countries. We have been a trusted provider to the trading community for over two decades.

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