Market Data

TNS connects firms to a broad spectrum of market data sources in the U.S., across Europe and in Asia. TNS provides data from over 55 exchanges, ECN’s or ATS’s globally. In addition TNS also provides market data from leading vendors.  

TNS’ high performance network is designed, operated and managed to provide the optimum environment for market data whether that be raw exchange data direct from an exchange or normalized data from a vendor. TNS has extensive experience in managing multicast market data and in providing solutions which scale with ever expanding bandwidth requirements. 

From a single fully resilient and managed connection to TNS, firms can access multiple exchange and market data providers cost efficiently and flexibly. Firms can choose to use TNS for a fully managed diverse service offering or as part of a self determined diverse supplier pairing. TNS provides low latency as a standard offering as well as an extreme ultra low latency service for firms that need extra speed. 

TNS offers multi venue aggregated bandwidth service packages to maximize value for community members looking to connect to more than one trading venue.

Raw Market Data

TNS provides connectivity to many of the world's stock exchanges and ECNs for distribution of raw market data. 

To see which markets are connected view our Global Market Coverage product sheet. 

Consolidated Market Data

TNS provides connectivity to many of the leading market data vendors who can provide market data in consolidated formats. 

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