Run multiple in-store applications, save money and increase productivity with a fully managed broadband solution.

FusionPoint is a fully managed communications solution that enables you to run multiple payment applications (such as POS terminals, ATMs, and integrated cash registers), as well as email and back-office applications, over a secure broadband connection. We take your existing in-store payments devices and back-office applications and connect them to a broadband network that is installed, managed, and monitored 24x7x365 by TNS.

Key Benefits

Increase revenue by supporting more card types

FusionPoint connects clients to one of the largest fully-managed value-added networks in the payments industry, enabling them to support more types of cards from their customers.

Save money

FusionPoint consolidates dial-up lines into a single, broadband connection, saving monthly line charges.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customer payments can be processed in as little as two to three seconds, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing overhead transaction-related costs.

Allows you to focus on your core business

FusionPoint is the only broadband POS solution built on the foundation of one of the largest payments networks in the industry. FusionPoint is completely managed by TNS, ensuring our customers have the freedom to focus on growing their businesses while we focus on managing their solution end-to-end.


FusionPoint utilizes the PCI DSS certified TNS backbone network, providing high speed, secure transaction transport.

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