Global Wireless Access

Global Wireless Access (GWA) is a wireless m2m solution for POS terminals, specifically designed for the needs of the payments industry. GWA provides comprehensive international coverage across Europe and around the globe. Combining industry-leading features such as strongest signal SIMs, enhanced SIM management, an advanced diagnostics portal and a dedicated terminal application, GWA is the smart choice to simplify the deployment and management of mobile POS terminals.



Data roaming and carrier selection
International and domestic roaming with single pricing and data pooling.
Strongest signal connectivity
The combination of strongest signal connectivity and data roaming with GWA means your merchants are always able to transact.
Administration and diagnostic portal
Real-time connectivity and usage information, comprehensive alert and monitoring tools and customer enabled suspension and reactivation via the advanced portal from GWA.
Pre-activated SIMs
SIM cards ready to use out of the box and can be suspended or reactivated easily through the portal.
Connection to TNS’ PCI DSS certified network
TNS delivers billions of payment transactions each year across its secure PCI DSS certified backbone network.
Simplified procurement
Using one trusted global supplier means that you have just one contract and one single bill to manage, regardless of where you deploy your POS terminals.
Roam+ application
An optional value-added terminal application that provides fully flexible network carrier selection based on the data connection quality.


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