TNSPay Mobile Gateway

Increase your revenue and improve your merchant’s satisfaction with a robust and secure solution that simplifies deploying and managing wireless POS terminals. 

The TNSPay Mobile Gateway offers the flexibility you need to manage your wireless payment terminal portfolio while allowing you to maintain full program control. The turnkey gateway greatly reduces the complexity of offering a secure and resilient PCI DSS certified wireless POS service to your merchants.

Features and Benefits for TNSPay Mobile

Secure wireless gateway communications
One of the most reliable wireless POS gateways in the industry, with high-speed, secure transaction delivery over TNS’ PCI DSS certified TNSPay Mobile Gateway processing environment.

Broad terminal and processor support
A wide array of terminal types using CDMA and GPRS technologies are supported and the service is certified at many of the leading processors.

Resilient service
Communications redundancy and multiple transaction routing options virtually eliminate the risk of service interruption.

Web reporting 
Includes a flexible web-based reporting tool for customizable, user defined criteria for on-demand reporting.

Simple outsourced solution 
The TNSPay Mobile Gateway allows you to offer the benefits of wireless speed and portability to your merchants without having direct relationships with wireless carriers or supporting costly and complex systems, networks, message formats or PCI certification.

Cost effective 

Since there is no up-front capital investment and minimum operation expense, you have an extremely efficient and effective way to meet your merchant’s end-to-end wireless POS needs.


The most important thing to your merchants is that their terminals will take transactions, and with TNSPay Mobile you are using one of the most reliable and trusted gateways in the industry.

Easy management and merchant support
Terminal and merchant management is simple thanks to a full suite of TNSPay Mobile provided online tools. Industry leading customer service - Backed by our team of wireless experts to support your wireless
terminal portfolio.


Supports a wide range of terminal types, processor connectivity, industry-specific applications and credit, debit, gift, loyalty, check and other transaction types.



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