Managed POS Encryption

In partnership with VeriFone® and Ingenico® TNS’ Managed POS Encryption service provides merchants and processors with a fully managed solution for the transport of encrypted credit, debit, and other card-based payment transactions from a merchant’s network to TNS’ PCI DSS processing environment. Once data is within the TNS network, the redundant and fully monitored solution coordinates the decrypted message and delivers it to the processor or acquirer host(s). Authorization, settlement, and other transaction data is securely received from the Point-of-Sale systems. Card holder data is never unencrypted within the merchant environment, thereby reducing the risk of a data breach.

Key Features

Fully managed point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution
By combining TNS’ payment industry expertise with VeriFone’s VeriShield Total Protect® and Ingenico’s On-Guard solutions you can reduce the risk of data theft in your environment and minimize card data security concerns.

Fast integration for merchants and processors
Little or no work is required by the merchant or processor, as we provide integration to the processor’s host platform. This can help merchants reduce implementation time and ongoing support costs.

Highly redundant and available
VeriFone’s and Ingenico’s decryption gateways located within the resilient TNS network use dynamic alternate routing capabilities to process your transactions securely and successfully.

Integrated tokenization
For each transaction decrypted, TNS can return a token to the Point-of-Sale, allowing the merchant to support customer analytics, omni-channel integration and settlement processes.


Eliminate the potential for compromise of card holder data
The combined strength and expertise of TNS,VeriFone, and Ingenico provides the technology, network management and communication service needed to eliminate “clear” card holder data from merchant POS applications, networks and servers, and securely delivers transactions to a processing host or gateway.

Compliance simplification
Format-preserving technology encrypts transaction data and can reduce security compliance requirements while ensuring compatibility with your payment systems.

Cost effective deployment of point-to-point encryption (P2PE)
The TNS Managed POS Encryption service can help reduce your up-front capital expense, eliminate the need to pay ongoing service maintenance expense and reduces the scope for compliance certification.>

TNS understands that you have specific requirements. Our experienced engineers will work with your network team to provide rapid, seamless integration that meets your current and future business requirements.

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