In today’s world, customers expect mobile experiences to be interactive, informative, and trusted. This not only applies to experiences provided by top brands, but also to experiences provided by wireless carriers. Cequint, a TNS company, provides solutions that enable wireless carriers to evolve existing communications solutions, such as Messaging and Voice Calling, to be more interactive, informative, and trusted through End-User products and services. 

End-User products and services which instill a trusted communication experience on a device provide an excellent opportunity for wireless carriers to obtain incremental improvements to their ARPU. Cequint’s patented caller identification and call management solutions for wireless carriers are embedded and available on more than 150 million devices from the world’s leading device manufacturers and provide a proven and scalable platform, enabling wireless carriers to provide interactive, informative, and trusted experiences to their End-Users.

Mobile Identification

Wouldn’t it be great if you always knew who is calling or texting you, even if their number is not in your contacts? Cequint Enhanced Caller ID identifies callers or texters with their names displayed directly in the incoming call screen and message threads.

Join the millions every day who don’t worry about missing an important call or picking up the one you didn’t want to. Always know who’s calling or texting!

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Robocall Solutions

Elegantly integrated into mobile Caller ID, our Robocall Solution alerts your customers to potential harassing or fraudulent callers.

Our solution leads the market because we are able to offer features that other solution providers can't. They include Dispute Resolution, real time data, network intelligence and privacy and security. 

Interactive Messaging

Cequint Interactive Messages allows wireless carriers to leverage their existing SMS-based marketing campaigns, and evolve them to be interactive and engaging experiences similar to native device or app store applications. It’s simple to develop and deploy Interactive Messages, allowing wireless carriers to improve their engagement rates for mobile campaigns.



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